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Our Happy Customers
Charles Shayne

Dear Michael, over the past 25 years that I have served as the Executive Director, KI-ICC has been involved in multiple capital construction projects. The projects have ranged from putting up new buildings to renovating existing space. We have worked with a dozen or more general contractors during that period with mixed results. At the top of the positive list was the project and relationship with your company, MZM. The entire project was handled professionally, scheduled appropriately. And completed on time. There was not one aspect of the job that was not handled to our complete satisfaction. You are to be congratulated as you are the only general contractor that I could say that about. Since our project with you I have recommended your firm without reservation to other nonprofits and I look forward to working with you on future job at KI-ICC. Additionally, please feel free to use me as reference should that be helpful

Majestic Property Management Corp.

Please note that we have had the good fortune of hiring MZM Corp. as our construction project manager for the construction of a 6,000 square foot clubhouse facility at our condominium complex known as The Gardens at Palisades in Pomona, New York. This project was handled by Mike Hirsch and his staff in a professional and efficient manner. As in any construction projects there were issues along the way and the people at MZM were well equipped to deal with those issues and provide a very satisfactory outcome. We are proud of the new facility that they have constructed for us and we highly recommend MZM for your contracting needs.

Leonard Woods

I would like to thank you for the excellent service which your company has consistently provided over the last ten years. On each of the apartment renovations which your firm has executed, the quality of the work has been at the highest level. In addition to the quality of the work, MZM has also provided excellent service. It is not just the final product which must be measured, but also the process. MZM has always done a good job of establishing a schedule and sticking to it. Apartment renovations in New York are always filled with surprises, none of which are pleasant, and MZM has always rolled with the punches. Everyone at MZM and all of your sub-contractors have consistently been professional and easy to work with. All of my clients have commented on how nice everyone is. That is unusual. Lastly, and most importantly in today's economy, MZM has always been very cost competitive. Although there are other contractors who can provide as good a product and service, no one can do it for the same price as MZM. That is the ultimate in good value. Please have any potential client contact me, as any further information I could provide would only reflect positively on MZM.

Turino Kalberer Architects

We are architects who specialize in residential work, and we have had the pleasure of working with the MZM/Benchmark team for the last 14 years. One of the general reasons they are our go-to contractor is because they consistently provide a high quality product for an excellent price. In addition, Majed Abujaber in particular has run many of our city-based townhouse and apartment renovations, and he is without a doubt one of the best project managers I have worked with. While he has consistently delivered a high quality built product, the quality that most endears him to me- and in my opinion is a huge factor in his success- is the fact that he is hands on and cares so deeply about the outcome of his projects. This attitude never fails to result in an excellent product, as Majed is always thinking and planning out every detail. Any problems that typically crop up in such work are deftly handled and never thrown unfairly onto the architectural team. He is a pleasure to work with, as are Mike and Rob as well.

Julie Kalberer - AIA

Maurice Saragoussi Architects

Dear Michael, I want to personally thank you both, you and Rob, for giving us three years of dedicated construction service. The project was not an easy one and I don’t know of many companies that would have persisted the way you did in meeting all of the challenges and most of all the impossible schedules. The success of this project would never have been realized if it wasn’t for your company. I sincerely thank you for your efforts and am eagerly looking forward to working with you again. Sincerely,

Maurice Saragoussi - AIA

Congregation Beth Elohim

Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope, Brooklyn engaged the services of MZM CORP. to execute a reconstruction and renovation project for its landmark sanctuary building. The scope of work included dismantling a failing entrance and reconstructing it to include a handicapped lift and access to a completely redesigned lower level that includes a performance space and eight new classrooms, and other amenities that are essential to running a multi-faceted operation such as ours. We found that everyone in the MZM organization was responsive and professional; they did an excellent job of coordinating the architects and the congregational leadership to the satisfaction of all involved. We continue our relationship with MZM for major repair work on our buildings.

Nancy B. Rubinger - Executive Director


Our clients choose us because they believe that we will do as we say - Namely, that we will give them our full attention and deliver their project to the highest standards, at a reasonable cost, and on time. When a problem arises, they know that we will keep them informed and solve it. They know that we take our work seriously, and that when they give us a project, that we will carry it on our backs and be around to service them long after it is completed. They know that we will always tell them what we think and do our best to give them sound advice.